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Julia Cramer and Constantijn van Oranje

The Hague, 14 April 2024

National Quantum Course launched

Today -on World Quantum Day- the National Quantum Course was launched! More than 150 attendees of all ages came to The Hague to interact with a variety of speakers, including Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Diederick Croese and Julia Cramer as well as interact with quantum art installations.



New possibilities

The free online course was developed by the Lowercase Foundation for Quantum Delta NL in partnership with IBM and Google, and is aimed at making the Netherlands quantum-ready. The course delves into quantum technology and its societal impact by unveiling the complexities of quantum, exploring latest advancements, and envisioning future implications.

Whether you're seeking to future-proof your industry or simply intrigued by the potential of quantum for our world, this course is your key to unlocking new possibilities and discovering new worlds.

more to follow

The course is currently only available in Dutch, but an English version is on its way, opening the doors for a global audience to explore the quantum world.

Check out the Dutch version

About this platform

Quantum Delta NL is a broad cooperation of knowledge institutes, companies and societal organizations. Its goals is to coordinate the National Quantum Network developments in the Netherlands and works towards building applicable use-cases and to link quantum developments to the digital infrastructure ecosystem.

The Lowercase Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide and empower the general public by offering free online courses on technology for everyone.

For more information on the Center for Quantum and Society, please reach out to Diederick Croese. For more information on the Quantum Course, please reach out to Jim Stolze.

Ben jij er klaar voor?

De cursus is bedoeld voor iedereen die benieuwd is naar de toekomst. Hoe kunnen we quantum inzetten voor een betere wereld en welke rol kan jij daarbij spelen?